I started Christina Bruce Interiors because I believe in the importance of not just turning a house into a home, but in turning it into your home. By getting to know each client personally, I am able to make every home as unique as the people who live there. My primary focus is to listen to your ideas, see your vision, and understand your needs, in addition to providing you with as much information and as many options as possible for you to make informed choices. By valuing your involvement, projects become relationships and those relationships lead to a home that is authentic to each client’s desires. I have a passion for combining pieces from different design periods, as well as different periods in your life, integrating new pieces with existing furniture and décor. It is equally important to me to give you both a house that you love to look at and a home you can truly live in. This involves not only incorporating your personal aesthetic, but also taking into account your everyday life. Whether you want a formal space to entertain, or a casual child or pet-friendly area to relax, I believe in combining the beauty of what you love with the practicality of how you live. It is through the marriage of your individual style, and personal lifestyle, that I am able to give you a space where you can truly be at home.

Christina Bruce Interiors